• Show Dates

    February 3rd @ 10k Brewing, Anoka, MN 7-10pm

    February 4th @ Red River Market, (West Acres Mall) Fargo, ND 1-2pm

    February 4th @ The Troll Lounge, Fargo, ND 7-10pm

    February 10th @ Detroit Mountain with RACHAEL IANIRO, Detroit Lakes, MN 6-10pm

    February 11th @ 22 Northmen Brewing, Alexandria, MN 6-9pm

    February 16th @ Laughing Sun Brewing, Bismarck, ND 7-10pm

    February 17th @ Inbound BrewCo, Minneapolis, MN 7-10pm

    February 18th @ 1894, Perham, MN (music after Stroganoff Competition)

    Febuary 24th @ ABC Brewing, Battle Lake, MN 5-8pm

    February 25th @ Carlos Creek Winery, Alexandria, MN 2-5pm